Welcome to Penny Gourmet, a blog all about the trials and tribulations of making good food on a budget.

Here’s the Penny Gourmet philosophy:

Budget doesn’t mean boring. Budget doesn’t mean bad. 

The Backstory:

In 2017 I began working as a freelancer, and became more aware of my need to budget. One month in particular, I sat down and realized my grocery bill was out of control. I panicked. Because I love food. I love eating well, and sharing food with others, and I didn’t want to move to the stereotype of the ramen noodle diet.

Luckily, once I had calmed down, I realized that it doesn’t have to be this way. And so with curiosity, a little trepidation, and a whole lot excitement, I decided to start my journey on making delicious food at home, while making sure I was making the kind of savings I wanted to see.


Who am I?

I’m Ailsa and you can see me beaming over a delicious dinner over there on there on the right.

I’m a passionate home cook, and amateur food lover, but have no formal food training. What I’m doing here is a labour of love, and I will be sharing some of the tips, tricks, and recipes, that I’ve picked up along the way to living the Penny Gourmet lifestyle.

When I’m not in the kitchen, I’m a writer and writing coach (read more about that at my other site here). I’m also a keen knitter, beer enthusiast, and lover of long walks.


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