A quick note on how I figure out the costings I use in my recipes:

Because a lot of what I’m using here comes straight from my store cupboards I don’t always have the exact prices that I paid to hand. What I do is use my local grocery store’s online shop feature to figure out the best price per 100g I can easily find. I’m also not costing out the larder ingredients such as salt and cinnamon because I’m not even sure how to, to be honest.

I have no doubt many of the recipes I’m making could be made cheaper if I was buying in bulk or shopping around. In fact, as this blog progresses I plan to figure out how to shop more cost effectively.

One of the tools I use to figure out the cost of my recipes is the website CookKeepbook: If you’re interested in figuring out exactly how much your spending on making your favourite dishes, this is a great place to start.