The World’s Easiest Cookies

Did you know that yesterday was National Cookie Day? I didn’t until my partner emailed me at around lunchtime to let me know. (The subject line of his email was “Important Announcement” so you get a sense of how seriously we take cookies in this household).

I wasn’t prepared for National Cookie Day. I hadn’t thought about making cookies in a while. I wasn’t sure what I had in the cupboard. But then I remembered: the world’s easiest cookie recipe.

It also happens to probably be the world’s cheapest cookie recipe.* And, I’d bet money on the majority of people already having the ingredients in their cupboard right now. And, they’re gluten-free!

(*Disclaimer: This is unconfirmed. Further cookie testing may be required)

That’s right folks. In about 15 minutes and with almost no effort, you could have a batch of delicious cookies.



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